20 Things you probably didn't know about me :)

So lately it seems that a lot of people have been asking me random questions about myself– totally not a problem, I’m a curious person myself, but it sparked an idea: what if I did a little “things you didn’t know about me” post just for fun. Now, I hope this post doesn’t bore you because I’m really not that interesting, but maybe it’ll give you a little idea of who I am:

1. I’m from a really small town and lived in the “country” for the first 17 years of my life

2. My daddy has a mullet and I refuse to let him cut it– its actually not a mullet, more like a pony tail, but he’s had it for my whole life and I like it– so don’t hate! 🙂

3. My brother is super fabulous and one of my best friends

4. I have crooked pinkies– so crooked in fact that they almost look broken–its a super awesome family trait that makes typing a little difficult some times

5. I have a terrible terrible fear of spiders– so bad in fact that I’m pretty sure I should get therapy, but I’m okay with NOT facing that fear–EVER

6. My favorite colors are cobalt blue and yellow

7. I’m constantly hungry– my fiancé once said that it was cheaper to buy me gifts than to feed me–he’s also said that I’m very much like a dog– feed me and let me have enough sleep and I’m the happiest person in the world 🙂

8. I love to travel and would rather spend my money seeing the world and having awesome experiences than having fancy things that you can’t take with you any way

9. I’m a former pageant girl– I like to think of my self as a girl who did pageants and not a pageant girl because–in my experience– some pageant girls are really mean and… well, I like being nice to people.

10. I have a tattoo on my foot– I love it, it has a special meaning for me and keeps life in perspective when it gets a little rough

11. I pierced my belly button twice— and removed it both times…. I’m just not that cool.

12. I’m pretty laid back, but very passionate about certain things and when it comes to those things in particular— I don’t hold back. 🙂

13. I rescued a kitten once…. and it attacked my eyeball in my sleep–leaving a lovely little scar that makes putting eye shadow on a bit difficult

14. I have 8 scars– 3 of which are on my face– I was a very clumsy child who grew up to be a pretty clumsy adult

15. I’ve been in 6 car accidents– one of which changed my life and my family’s life drastically–18 wheelers don’t play yall!

16. I’ve also gotten about 10 speeding tickets, 1 red light ticket and 1 parking ticket in my life— and I’m only 24

17. I’m a Godmother to a wonderful, beautiful little boy named Kayden that I love with all of my heart and would do anything for.

18. I loveeee glitter, champagne, the word fabulous, my awesome fiancé, nature, and… love.

19. I’m ABSOLUTELY in love with what I do… I feel a sense of peace when I’m at a wedding or event. I can’t really explain the feeling, but those of you who are really in love with your work– you know what I’m talking about… it really is a feeling of peace, warmth in your heart and just true happiness— I definitely feel as though I’m doing what I was meant to do.

20. My family and friends are my whole world. I don’t need many things in life…. I enjoy being quiet with my own thoughts and prayers, I enjoy reading, working out and laughing. I couldn’t do what I do without the love and support of my family and friends. I have a little motto that I follow: “Your attitude determines your altitude”— I think of this every day and try to be as positive as I can for myself and for others. My goal– as cliché as this sounds– is to have a positive impact on the lives of those around me, to make sure that they know that they are loved, respected and appreciated by me– that’s really all this girl wants— anddd a cookie every now and then.

So I hope this super long, somewhat cheesy and wordy post– probably a lot more than 20 things because I’m horrible at consolidating my thoughts— gives you all a little insight and answers a few questions about my quirky little self.

Many blessings and have a fabulous day!!!

One thought on “20 Things you probably didn't know about me :)

  1. Christy Lee Wood

    So those of us that know you know that yes in fact your brother is fab and loves you unconditionally…also one sweet once a week will not do but that you dont really like the taste of coffee although you should be treated to CCs once a week to mainatain harmony..ur boy is almost ascool as you especially since he had the zombie rescue vehicle sticker on the jeep when we lived by u and you are and absolutely fab person to be with and if i were any type of romantic and had a wedding-you would have been the only choice!


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