My proposal story :)

Jeffery Lane and I had been dating for a little more than 6 years when he proposed. We had been planning to visit his family in Chicago for a while and were both super excited about it!! Now, during the last year or so of us dating, we’ve gotten the “When are y’all getting married” thing more than a few times and the pressure was definitely on for him to pop the question… I have to admit, I was pretty anxious about it too!

We looked at rings in March of this year and found the style that I loved so I knew the proposal was going to happen at some point this year, but I figured it would be closer to the holidays. As it turned out, Jeffery had bought the ring a few weeks before we left— he consulted my best friend, stole two of my rings from jewelry box and got the ring I loved. He asked my daddy for his permission and included my brother by telling him what he planned to do. If you know me, you know I’m a sentimental sap, so all of these steps were VERY important to me and really touched my heart.

Jeffery’s cousin Shawn was coming on the trip with us, so Jeffery had him carry the ring through security at the airport only to have to carry it again right before the proposal! The pressure was on for him to NOT lose the ring, poor guy!

The afternoon that it happened we were all getting dressed to go downtown. It’s kind of funny how things played out, for example, when we were getting dressed, Jeffery was so upset because he “had nothing to wear”. Jeffery is your typical Cajun boy and usually wears jeans, boots and polos unless he’s forced into slacks and a button down of some sort– the boy HATES clothes. Anyway–back on topic– he was getting so frustrated that nothing looked good and, while I thought he was overreacting a bit, I really didn’t pay much attention to him. I remember going upstairs and telling his family to “tell him he looks good in whatever he comes up wearing because he’s freaking out down there”– hmm I wonder why lol.

When we finally get downtown and start walking to Buckingham fountain, all of the guys decide to go use the restroom. Once again, I didn’t think anything of it–in reality though, they were going in there so Shawn could give Jeffery the ring.

When the guys return, Jeffery and I start walking towards the fountain and the lights, coincidentally turn purple which I said “That’s just for me!!” (a reference to my LSU tiger pride) and Jeffery said, “Yep, we are going for maximum happiness tonight.” As we finally approach the fountain, Jeffery says that he has a surprise for me and that he was going to get me a “bag of Fun Yuns” (inside joke here, that’s for another day) but instead he decided to get me “this”….well, the “this” was a beautiful solitaire! As he pulled the ring out, I look over and everyone is taking pictures and smiling, which, I think is when it really hit me. I look back, he’s on one knee and asking me to marry him. Pretty sure that’s when I said “Is this really happening right now” lol Needless to say, I said YES!

The pictures below depict a little of how it happened– poor Shawn got stuck with more pressure because he had to take pictures of the whole thing! 🙂

photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5


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