Moore Wedding

0094_reevesI met Taylor while planning one of her best friend’s weddings, the lovely Emily Hallum. (You can check out her blog post here!). I immediately liked her! She was so incredibly sweet, kind, helpful and so so happy for Emily. She and her dad approached me during Emily’s reception about Day Of assistance for her wedding, which was less than a month away! I, of course, immediately agreed!

Working with Taylor was so much fun! Her wedding took place at Hemingbough in St. Francisville, Louisiana on August 3, 2013. Her guests enjoyed the beautiful grounds, delicious food and absolutely adorable cookie table! Getting to be a part of the planning process for two best friends was an amazing experience! By the end of it, I truly felt that I had began a wonderful friendship with these ladies and was sad that there were no more weddings for me to help with! 🙂

Taylor, it was such a  pleasure to work with you for your wedding. You were such a stunning bride and I couldn’t be more happy for you and Andrew. I wish you guys all the best that life has to offer! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your big day!

For Taylor’s  full gallery, click here!

Venue: Hemingbough Plantation
Caterer: Hemingbough Plantation
Cakes: Confections by Michelle
Photographer: Ashleigh Jayne Photography
Videographer: Contrast Films
Florist: The Flower Pot
DJ: Complete DJ




A Southern Styled Shoot

This past July, on my birthday actually :), I was honored to be a part of an amazing styled shoot with some of my favorite wedding vendors.

We worked diligently for months perfecting the design and perfecting the smallest details. When the day finally came, we took on the hot, humid, mosquito ridden Louisiana swamp and brought to life a shoot full of color, beauty, light and of course, Southern charm.

I want to give a huge thank you to Ruffled Blog for publishing our sweet little shoot. All of the vendors that worked on this shoot were truly amazing and their skills, I believe, shine through perfectly!

Catherine Guidry did an amazing job directing the models and the flow of the shoot. Her use of lighting and angles is impeccable and of course, she’s super fun to work with!

Mia Sandberg of Root Floral Design put together some breathtaking floral designs! The different textures and colors used were truly gorgeous! Love love love her! 🙂

Rita Goodrich of Inkling Design Studio created the perfect invitations, menus,  place cards and labels! They really tied everything together.

Brothers on the Blvd. and 7 Chicks were a blessing to us by allowing us to use some of their pieces to dress our beautiful models in. And of course, Joli Petale provided some of her amazing jewelry to provide the perfect touch to our lovely “bride”. Sarah Buteaux worked her magic with hair and makeup creating a look that was effortless but perfectly Southern.

Of course, Indulge and Jefferson Street Pub created delicious treats that represented the amazing food of Southern Louisiana perfectly!

Finally a big hug and lots of thanks to Maison Madeleine for the use of their facility and to our gorgeous and super fun models, Jarred Smith and Courtney Tribe, for participating in and making this shoot so fun!

See below for a few of my favorite shots! I hope you enjoy this shoot as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you! 🙂

For the full feature on Ruffled blog, please click here and to see more images, click HERE for gallery.


Photographer: Catherine Guidry
Floral Design: Root Floral Design
Stationer: Inkling Design Studio
Caterer: Chef Rob Sandberg, Jefferson Street Pub
Desserts: Indulge
Hair/Makeup: Sarah Buteaux
Venue: Maison Madeleine
Jewelry: Joli Petale
Dress: 7 Chicks
Men’s Attire: Brothers on the Blvd.

Blackstone Wedding

So… if you’ve been around me at ALL in the past 7 months, you know that I was working with a super fabulous couple to perfect the details of their wedding day at The Horse Farm…. did I mention that this was going to be the 1st wedding at The Horse Farm….. and that it was all going to be outside… no? Well it was and yes, it did rain…. TWICE but with a couple as in love and beautiful as Ashley and Mark Allen are, nothing could dampen their day!

Throughout the process of working with Ashley, we quickly became friends. I actually felt like I was planning a close friend’s wedding because she was so honest and easy/fun to work with. She was incredibly trusting, which of course, makes everything so much easier and but she also had a very distinct vision of what she wanted. There were so many LITTLE details that, ultimately, came together in an unbelievably gorgeous wedding. From Jenga, a make-shift photo booth, thumbprint tree and treasure chest of wedding favors to signature drinks, a magnolia tree, and a very large and very beautiful hand drawn program board…. Ashley and Mark Allen’s wedding day was a personal and direct reflection of them as a couple.

Ashley married her best friend on October 12 at The Horse Farm in Lafayette, Louisiana. She had an intimate ceremony officiated by Pastor Chris Lerma. Her friends and family were so involved by providing the ceremony music and the oh so delicious wedding cake and groom’s “cake” which was actually double doozie cookies!

Now, I mentioned earlier that it rained… well rain has been a constant companion in Ashley’s wedding planning process. When I first met her, it was a rainy day…. when she and Mark Allen took their engagement pictures, it was a rainy day….when they planted a magnolia tree in honor of their marriage, it was a rainy day….and when this beautiful couple’s wedding day came, the rain came with it. The first rain storm came about two hours prior to the ceremony starting which resulted in a mad dash to get everything dry, but thanks to my super dedicated assistants and amazing vendors (Mia with Root Floral Design and Party Central) we got it done in the nick of time! The second rain storm came about an hour before the couple’s grand exit! For most people, this may have caused severe anxiety or even tears, but not for Ashley and Mark Allen. Mark Allen immediately consulted with his friends to move the party elsewhere and my team and my self worked on getting the bride and groom out of there DRY! In the end, the party moved to The Office, a local bar and the bride and groom along with their guests danced the night away!

Mr. and Mrs. Goodyear, it has been an undeniable pleasure working with you. You guys are a beautiful couple, inside and out! I pray that life brings you so much joy and happiness. I will truly miss working with you, but I am so thankful that you were brought into my life and that I was blessed enough to be a part of your big day. Cheers! 🙂

To check out Ashley’s gallery, click HERE! or Go to Erin and Geoffrey’s blog, here, to see more.

Venue: The Horse Farm
Ceremony Musicians: Melissa LaCour
Caterer: Bon Temps Grill
Cake and Dessert: Family Friend
Bartender: Jimmy Levier
Photography: Erin and Geoffrey Photography
Florist: Root Floral Design
Band: Krossfyre
Rentals: Party Central
Trolley: Party Time Trolley
Exit Car: Miller’s Formal Wear

Rustic Styled Shoot with Sarah Beth

When Sarah of Sarah Beth Photography approached me with her idea for a styled shoot, I was more than excited to be a part of it. Since the shoot was scheduled for the following weekend (less than a week to plan!! YIKES) we immediately got started. It was incredibly refreshing how quickly local vendors readily accepted our offer to be a part of the shoot and how helpful everyone was. With everyone on board, it was so easy to bring Sarah’s vision to life!

Below are a few of my favorite pictures, but click HERE to see the entire gallery— I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

A big thanks to the following vendors for helping to make this amazing shoot a reality:

Concept and Photography: Sarah Beth Photography
Food: LA StrEAT
Decor: Paul Michael Company
Flowers: Flowers by Rodney
Hair piece: Joli Petale
Hair/Makeup: Joie De Vivre Salon and Spa
Dress: Sky Blue Clothing Studio
Let’s not forget our AMAZING models Kimberly and Brandon!! They hit it off immediately and made the shoot so much fun!

My proposal story :)

Jeffery Lane and I had been dating for a little more than 6 years when he proposed. We had been planning to visit his family in Chicago for a while and were both super excited about it!! Now, during the last year or so of us dating, we’ve gotten the “When are y’all getting married” thing more than a few times and the pressure was definitely on for him to pop the question… I have to admit, I was pretty anxious about it too!

We looked at rings in March of this year and found the style that I loved so I knew the proposal was going to happen at some point this year, but I figured it would be closer to the holidays. As it turned out, Jeffery had bought the ring a few weeks before we left— he consulted my best friend, stole two of my rings from jewelry box and got the ring I loved. He asked my daddy for his permission and included my brother by telling him what he planned to do. If you know me, you know I’m a sentimental sap, so all of these steps were VERY important to me and really touched my heart.

Jeffery’s cousin Shawn was coming on the trip with us, so Jeffery had him carry the ring through security at the airport only to have to carry it again right before the proposal! The pressure was on for him to NOT lose the ring, poor guy!

The afternoon that it happened we were all getting dressed to go downtown. It’s kind of funny how things played out, for example, when we were getting dressed, Jeffery was so upset because he “had nothing to wear”. Jeffery is your typical Cajun boy and usually wears jeans, boots and polos unless he’s forced into slacks and a button down of some sort– the boy HATES clothes. Anyway–back on topic– he was getting so frustrated that nothing looked good and, while I thought he was overreacting a bit, I really didn’t pay much attention to him. I remember going upstairs and telling his family to “tell him he looks good in whatever he comes up wearing because he’s freaking out down there”– hmm I wonder why lol.

When we finally get downtown and start walking to Buckingham fountain, all of the guys decide to go use the restroom. Once again, I didn’t think anything of it–in reality though, they were going in there so Shawn could give Jeffery the ring.

When the guys return, Jeffery and I start walking towards the fountain and the lights, coincidentally turn purple which I said “That’s just for me!!” (a reference to my LSU tiger pride) and Jeffery said, “Yep, we are going for maximum happiness tonight.” As we finally approach the fountain, Jeffery says that he has a surprise for me and that he was going to get me a “bag of Fun Yuns” (inside joke here, that’s for another day) but instead he decided to get me “this”….well, the “this” was a beautiful solitaire! As he pulled the ring out, I look over and everyone is taking pictures and smiling, which, I think is when it really hit me. I look back, he’s on one knee and asking me to marry him. Pretty sure that’s when I said “Is this really happening right now” lol Needless to say, I said YES!

The pictures below depict a little of how it happened– poor Shawn got stuck with more pressure because he had to take pictures of the whole thing! 🙂

photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5


The wedding planner bride

Since I’m so behind on my blog posts, I haven’t posted about my engagement just yet, but YAY- I’m engaged and will be marrying the love of my life next October. So, what does it mean being both a wedding planner and a bride?! Well, complete craziness.

I have yet to tell someone of my engagement and not have them say “I bet your wedding is going to be awesome” (hopefully) or “I’m sure you have the whole the planned” (not quite!)  or a variation of that “You probably know exactly what you want” (nope nope nope). Let me give you guys a little insight….

1. Decisions

I am the most indecisive person when it comes to make decisions for myself–seriously, its bad. I find it much easier helping other people decide things, or guiding them in the right direction. I mean, I can barely decide what I want to eat most days. So, no, I don’t know exactly what I want and no I don’t have the whole thing planned. I always thought I knew what I wanted, but literally, the minute the ring was on my finger, my entire wedding that I had planned since I was 12 changed. What matters most to me are my guests, my family and friends that have loved me, cared for me and been there for me who are traveling or stepping out of their comfort zones to celebrate one of the biggest days of my life with me. In determining ceremony and reception location, that was all that mattered to me– the convenience of my guests.

Now– that’s not to say I don’t love where we will be saying our “I dos”, I do, but it’s not the place I had originally envisioned. 🙂 The decisions that I thought would be so easy to make are so hard and the hard ones– like venue– are easy because I know what’s important to me for that day.

2. Vendors

The other thing that people are just assuming is that I know EXACTLY which vendors I want to use….. I don’t. Being a wedding planner means I work with a lot of vendors and I have my favorites, but I have like 6 favorites for each photographer or caterer or florist, etc. I’m able to see how they work with me as a professional and how they work on the wedding day, so I know how awesome my “favorites” are which makes the decision process all the more difficult. To make it easier, I’ve had to rely solely on budget constraints because yes, I do have a budget as well 🙂

3. Being a Bride

Ugh… this is so hard!!!! I keep having moments where I forget that I’m planning my wedding and that I am a bride. I’m fearful that I won’t have the same experiences as non-planner brides do because I know what to do and how to do it, I know my vendors, I’ve worked with them and will work with them before and after my wedding, but I want to still feel like a bride and have that same experience. The flip side of that is that when something goes wrong (we’ve already had a small hiccup), I (in my “bride” mind) get super emotional and yes, cry. Finding the balance is hard. I’m so thankful that I have my best friends and awesome family as well as my fabulous fiancĂ© to remind me that “Hey, you deal with issues like these every day, you got this”– that’s all it takes and the planner face is back on and the situation is taken care of.

4. Having an awesome wedding

Pressure pressure pressure– that’s al lot of what I’m feeling!! 🙂 Everyone thinks that since I’m a planner, my wedding is going to be amaze-balls, and, hopefully it is, but I keep feeling this crazy sense of pressure to have a super awesome, over the top wedding with crazy things like unicorns and fire breathers in order to impress everyone. The thing about it though is that for me, what will make my wedding awesome is if all of my guests have a really good time. While yes, I want things to look really pretty, the only thing that really matters to me is that my fiancĂ© and I are surrounded by the people we love and that love us. I want our wedding day to be filled with so much joy and happiness and I want us to start our marriage the way we feel is right and that is in the house of the Lord with our family and friends there ready to celebrate with us– all the rest is lagniappe.

So for all of you out there wondering, being a wedding planner-bride is hard. It’s hard remembering that I’m a bride and when I get a little emotional, its hard to remember that I know how to fix whatever the problem is because I deal with those issues every day. It’s hard deciding what I want and don’t want since I’ve seen so much, its hard saying that I just want everything to be simple and have people expecting something really over the top. It’s  hard deciding what vendors I want because the ones I love, I really love and I not only love their work, but I love their personalities too.

Now, don’t take this as a “woe is me” post, because it’s not. I’m incredibly happy and excited about where I am with everything. It has been and will continue to be a crazy, wonderful experience, and I’m so blessed to have the options I have, the opportunity I have and the experience of doing what I love while preparing to marry the man I love.

Many blessings yall!!

“Let all that you do be done in love” 1Cor 16:14


20 Things you probably didn't know about me :)

So lately it seems that a lot of people have been asking me random questions about myself– totally not a problem, I’m a curious person myself, but it sparked an idea: what if I did a little “things you didn’t know about me” post just for fun. Now, I hope this post doesn’t bore you because I’m really not that interesting, but maybe it’ll give you a little idea of who I am:

1. I’m from a really small town and lived in the “country” for the first 17 years of my life

2. My daddy has a mullet and I refuse to let him cut it– its actually not a mullet, more like a pony tail, but he’s had it for my whole life and I like it– so don’t hate! 🙂

3. My brother is super fabulous and one of my best friends

4. I have crooked pinkies– so crooked in fact that they almost look broken–its a super awesome family trait that makes typing a little difficult some times

5. I have a terrible terrible fear of spiders– so bad in fact that I’m pretty sure I should get therapy, but I’m okay with NOT facing that fear–EVER

6. My favorite colors are cobalt blue and yellow

7. I’m constantly hungry– my fiancĂ© once said that it was cheaper to buy me gifts than to feed me–he’s also said that I’m very much like a dog– feed me and let me have enough sleep and I’m the happiest person in the world 🙂

8. I love to travel and would rather spend my money seeing the world and having awesome experiences than having fancy things that you can’t take with you any way

9. I’m a former pageant girl– I like to think of my self as a girl who did pageants and not a pageant girl because–in my experience– some pageant girls are really mean and… well, I like being nice to people.

10. I have a tattoo on my foot– I love it, it has a special meaning for me and keeps life in perspective when it gets a little rough

11. I pierced my belly button twice— and removed it both times…. I’m just not that cool.

12. I’m pretty laid back, but very passionate about certain things and when it comes to those things in particular— I don’t hold back. 🙂

13. I rescued a kitten once…. and it attacked my eyeball in my sleep–leaving a lovely little scar that makes putting eye shadow on a bit difficult

14. I have 8 scars– 3 of which are on my face– I was a very clumsy child who grew up to be a pretty clumsy adult

15. I’ve been in 6 car accidents– one of which changed my life and my family’s life drastically–18 wheelers don’t play yall!

16. I’ve also gotten about 10 speeding tickets, 1 red light ticket and 1 parking ticket in my life— and I’m only 24

17. I’m a Godmother to a wonderful, beautiful little boy named Kayden that I love with all of my heart and would do anything for.

18. I loveeee glitter, champagne, the word fabulous, my awesome fiancĂ©, nature, and… love.

19. I’m ABSOLUTELY in love with what I do… I feel a sense of peace when I’m at a wedding or event. I can’t really explain the feeling, but those of you who are really in love with your work– you know what I’m talking about… it really is a feeling of peace, warmth in your heart and just true happiness— I definitely feel as though I’m doing what I was meant to do.

20. My family and friends are my whole world. I don’t need many things in life…. I enjoy being quiet with my own thoughts and prayers, I enjoy reading, working out and laughing. I couldn’t do what I do without the love and support of my family and friends. I have a little motto that I follow: “Your attitude determines your altitude”— I think of this every day and try to be as positive as I can for myself and for others. My goal– as clichĂ© as this sounds– is to have a positive impact on the lives of those around me, to make sure that they know that they are loved, respected and appreciated by me– that’s really all this girl wants— anddd a cookie every now and then.

So I hope this super long, somewhat cheesy and wordy post– probably a lot more than 20 things because I’m horrible at consolidating my thoughts— gives you all a little insight and answers a few questions about my quirky little self.

Many blessings and have a fabulous day!!!