We were so pleased with your work! You were such a blessing during that last month of wedding planning. With me working full time and really not realizing all the work that went into the final planning of a wedding hiring you was the only way we had a wedding on August 3rd! It was such a blessing to have you there to organize and coordinate all of the little details that could have easily stressed us out, which allowed us to focus on what the day is all about for us. Needless to say, you are very passionate about what you do, and because of that, you are very talented and a joy to work with. You have become someone I would love to keep up with for a long time, I wish I could do for you what you did for me!– Taylor Reeves

Alyssa is such a doll! There aren’t even enough kind words to describe her or her work. She’s always willing to do absolutely anything for her brides. Initially I needed Alyssa, not to plan the wedding, just to help coordinate and set up the reception. I knew exactly what I wanted for my wedding and reception, but had no one to set everything up. Alyssa was able to tell us where to get the things we couldn’t find, she put together our going-away streamers, even packed me a night-before-the-wedding relaxation kit. The day of the wedding was such a breeze, and it was all because Alyssa had everything taken care of!– Amelia Scott

Working with Alyssa was a great experience. As soon as Andrew and I met her, we felt she would be perfect for planning our wedding. She is friendly, energetic, kind, creative, and we felt like we had known her our whole lives after just one brief meeting. She was great along the way, but the week of the wedding she was absolutely vital and when she really outdid herself. She took all of the stress off of me by transporting all of my décor, contacting all of the vendors, creating a timeline for the bridal party to follow, and coordinating the rehearsal so well that the ceremony started on time and went smoothly the next day. She really did everything I could have asked for and then some. She decorated the Wolff Ballroom precisely as I saw it in my mind. She told us what to do and when to do it and yet also let us just have fun. And one of the last details that really exceeded our expectations was that she packed us dinner and cake that could have fed 5.

Alyssa knows what she is doing and is so easy going and laid back that she makes it an enjoyable experience. She can be trusted to plan your wedding and you can be positive that it will turn out exactly how you envisioned it. She was a joy to work with and I’m excited to see the weddings she plans in the future.– Rebecca Smith

Alyssa was definitely the most helpful, kind, considerate, and thoughtful person to work with for my big day! It was the best to know that I could come up with the ideas and then leave it with her to get the job done. It was so worth it to have Alyssa because she took all the stress away! I have already recommended her to other brides. She becomes more like a friend after all is said and done, and she will always go out of her way to make you feel comfortable. – Emily Hallum

I recently hired Alyssa Arlene Events and required full service planning and day of services. My mother and father both passed away some 5-10 years ago which put me in the position to need someone to fill in with guiding vendors in the right direction in order to create a fairytale day for my fiance and I. From the start Alyssa was there to inspire me and drive me to make the choices that every girl needs her mother for and because mine had passed, I would procrastinate on making these decisions. She was always there for me to talk to and her motivation was key. My day had its glitches, as is true for every wedding, but in the areas in which she was involved, everything was perfect and I never had to stress. Alyssa and I have formed a truly unique and wonderful friendship throughout this process. She was incredibly professional, worked so well with the vendors and has been a huge help even after the wedding! I wish that every bride had someone like her for their big day! – Hannah Graham Morgan

My husband and I had the pleasure of having Alyssa plan our gender reveal party for our first child. We told her our ideas and she made it happen plus more! Alyssa’s plans included gender reveal cupcakes, a diaper cake, adorable decorations, and delicious food and wine for our guests. Alyssa also came up with the most unique way to reveal our baby’s gender! Alyssa had our us walk outside where she had balloons pop out of a box with blue colored glow sticks attached to each balloon. Since it was night, all you could see was the color blue floating over the pond. And the party did not stop there! After the balloon reveal, Alyssa had huge fireworks go off over the pond while my husband and I celebrated with our guests the reveal of our baby boy! Our gender reveal party was everything we hoped it would be and more thanks to Alyssa’s fantastic planning. – Lauren Mitchell

Alyssa Arlene Events is just not for the bride. I enlisted Alyssa to plan my son’s rehearsal party and it was an event to remember.  My son’s reaction to all the ideas Alyssa had to make the party special was priceless. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make their event spectacular. – Carol Ann Lukes


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