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After "Yes" but before you stress!

engagementPhoto Courtesy of Style Me Pretty

You said “Yes”!!! Congratulations! Planning your wedding is such a fun experience, but before you get to that point…. there are a few things you need to take care of.

5 things to do BEFORE you say I DO!

  1. Call your family!! Please, please, please don’t let them hear about your engagement via social media. While they will absolutely be happy for you, their feelings with definitely be hurt that you didn’t give them a call.
  2. Make sure your ring is insured— and if it’s not, get it insured ASAP! 🙂
  3. Decide on a time-frame. Now, I’m not saying you need to rush into setting the date, but think about your favorite months or your favorite seasons and why you love them. You’ll get asked when the big day is OFTEN, so try to come up with a season, month or even a year to tell folks.
  4. Set a budget. Decide who is going to contribute to your wedding and in what capacity. This is crucial since it will affect every decision that you make regarding your wedding. Don’t stress over this though, no matter your budget, with a little creativity, you can have the wedding that you’ve always dreamed of!
  5. Get inspired! Go out, buy bridal and wedding magazines, play on pinterest, search the web and think outside of the box! This is your big day and it should be everything that you’ve dreamed it to be. Decide on what’s important to you– do you want your guests to dance all night? Are you a foodie and want amazing food? Whatever it is, just remember, ultimately, your wedding day is about you and your fiance and the love you share for one another so—as cliche as it might sound–don’t sweat the small stuff! 🙂

Now, after checking these items off your list, you are ready to start planning your big day and we hope you would consider us for all your “planning needs”!

Remember to take a deep breath and ENJOY the process!