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Root Floral Design Studio

“I must have flowers, always, and always.”–Claude Monet

This quote was taken from the website of an amazing florist. Her work is beautiful, creative and unique. Mia Sandberg, owner of Root Floral Design, incorporates beautiful colors and textures to create exquisite floral arrangements. It’s always nice to peak into the brain of such a creative person, this is what we found:

How did you get started as a florist?
After graduating college with a degree in Interior Design, I decided to move to Dallas in hopes of finding my “dream” job. As most of us soon find out, those things take a long time to find! I lived there for four years working in the Design Industry and just never felt satisfied with the typical day-to-day office job. I really wanted something fun and different. My husband brought home some flowers for our anniversary from the local flower shop and I fell in love. It was so unique and full of color. I thought to myself… “Well this could be fun!” It stayed in the back of my mind, all while making excuses as to why I was never going to be successful or happy with my career and fighting the fear of actually taking those first steps to something I enjoyed! In November 2011, we got the opportunity to move home and start fresh. Still unsure of myself, I began working for a company that completely changed my way of looking at life and what I was capable of. It was at that moment that I set my fears aside and started focusing on only the positive! From that, Root Floral Design Studio became a reality. It has been the longest year of my life and probably the most emotional, but I have had the BEST support and do not regret any of it! I’m so glad that I have FINALLY found something I love and I’m sure my family is too!

What is your favorite flower?
Well, I have a few! Peonies have to be the most beautiful, but unfortunately they are crazy expensive and only available in late spring/early summer. Silver Brunia and Craspedia are definitely the coolest and most fun! They add so much texture and life to the arrangement!

What do you love most about being a florist? Least?
I LOVE, of course, the end result. Knowing that I can help make someone smile or add something positive to their day is a great feeling! I also really enjoy the creative process. Figuring out the texture/color combinations and whether or not I will involve my most favorite thing to use… spray paint! :)

On the other hand, I hate the process of “conditioning” the flowers. Which is basically the task of getting the flowers home, taking them out of their packaging, cutting the stems, removing the leaves, and then placing them in buckets! … It can definitely be a little time consuming, especially when you have a lot!

What are your 3 favorite things?
1. My husband, family, and best friends… my support!
2. My two, spoiled dachshunds: Pixie & Penelope
3. Coffee, definitely coffee. :)

Who are you inspired by?
Well, I have several people who have inspired me over the years, but I would have to say, for floral purposes, “Bornay,” a florist who is based out of Spain. Her work is absolutely stunning! I really hope that I can get to her creative skill level one day!

Do you have a philosophy that you live by or run your business by?
The one thing that I have learned over this past year, is too try and focus on only the positive. It really does make a difference in what you make of your day!

I used to focus a lot on “What if”, “I can’t”, or “Why is this happening to me”… but I soon learned that I am the ONLY one who is responsible for what my life becomes.

As you can see, Mia’s work is so beautiful. I had such a hard time choosing my favorites! To see more of her work, check her out on Facebook or on her website at RootFloralDesign.com. She is also having a GRAND OPENING on November 14th at the Jefferson Street Pub in Lafayette, so make sure you stop by to check out her work!

Root Floral Design Studio is located in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.